LG launches region’s first-ever ‘LG Signage Design’ competition for creative design professionals

Mar 14, 2017

Total cash prize of US $100,000 offered for best ‘techorater’ across four design categories

Dubai, UAE: 12 March 2017 – LG Electronics (LG) today announced the launch of its first-ever LG Signage Design competition for innovative professional designers and architects across the UAE to push the boundaries of artistic designs within new and existing property developments.

Participants would need to submit proposals using LG’s ultra-flexible open frame OLED and ultra-stretch LCD digital signage solutions as inspiration across four categories for the opportunity to win a cash prize worth US $25,000 per category.

The four award categories include the: OLED Signage Design Award – using the Open Frame OLED to create an inspiring design for any property development; Ultra Stretch Signage Design Award – using the 86-inch and 88-inch Ultra Stretch in creative ways for any vertical column; Dubai Dream Signage Design – using a combination of OLED and Ultra Stretch to create a Dubai-inspired design; and Vertical Vision Signage Design Award – for artistic designers to showcase their imagination and use LG displays to design a vertical space of their choice.

The challenge seeks to extract the ‘techorating’ skills of artistic individuals across the Emirates and highlight their creative concepts that integrate the flexible, pencil-thin design of OLED signage and the extended wide format (58:9 Bar-type) of the Ultra Stretch displays into functional display applications including chairs, tables, pillars, fixtures and more.

“The UAE is an arena filled with the most exceptional creative talent, architectural wonders as well as luxurious post-modern interior and exterior design concepts,” said Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa. “The aim of the LG Signage Design competition is to showcase the potential of blending visual display hardware and creative design to create highly engaging structures. The UAE is renowned for having incredible architecture; therefore, by equipping designers, architects and engineers with the opportunity to turn inanimate structures into interactive masterpieces, we enliven communities, making them highly engaging and creative environments as we venture into World Expo 2020 in Dubai.”

Competition entries should consist of renderings which include the design concept, a description of the proposed design that also explains how the design evaluation criteria is met, and a description about the participant’s thoughts on how digital displays can redefine interior spaces.

The LG Signage Design competition will commence on 12 April 2017 immediately after the launch of the company’s latest information display solutions that include LG’s Flexible Open Frame OLED and LG’s largest 88-inch Ultra Stretch digital signage solution to take place at the Armani hotel in Dubai, UAE.
The launch event will bring together the most creative designers, architects and engineers amongst others to showcase the emerging technologies LG has to offer along with the possibilities and capabilities of implementing the latest information display solutions.

Submissions for the first LG Signage Design competition should be made by 30th of June 2017, and the winners will be announced in July 2017.

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